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 NLP: The Essential Guide to Neuro-Linguistic Programming  By Tom Hoobyar, Tom Dotz, Susan Sanders

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If you’ve been looking for the freedom, the happiness, the carefree life that so many in the media seem to have, you are not alone.  You are, in fact, in great company!  Finally, there is a book that will help you get that – will help you discover the freedom to live and feel how you want to each and every day.

Right from the start this book gives you an understanding of how your mind works to create your feelings, and so how to have the feelings you want. It starts with very simple and basic explanations of the NLP model of how our minds work. The book describes how that affects us, and how we can use that knowledge to have more control over our lives.

The essential point of this book of NLP Essentials is increasing your personal freedom.

There is a lot of talk today about the one percent and the one tenth of one percent, the wealthy and the ultra-wealthy. There is adulation, almost a worshiping, of the rich and famous. This enforces the very limiting belief that you have to be rich to be happy, to have a satisfying, meaningful life.

What most people actually want is simply the happiness in that equation. That is supposed to be the main reward, right?

The reality is that it ain’t necessarily so. Yes, money is certainly essential to well being, at least in our society. Yet studies are showing that, beyond a certain level, more wealth does not create an equal increase in happiness. Somewhat the opposite, in fact, frequently occurs.

Many constraints go along with being rich and famous. As Chevy Chase said, if you have the chance, choose rich, not famous. It will give you everything fame does without the headaches and with a lot more freedom.

Therefore, we wrote a book to skip past the limits in that limiting belief. What this book does is give you a route straight to the freedom we all long for, skipping past the requirement to be rich or famous.

By learning how to be in charge of your thoughts and feelings, right now you can have an even greater amount of freedom than most people,  even more than the one percent.

You don’t have to make a billion to have it. It is within your reach right now. The secrets are located right between your ears, and the keys to unlocking the secrets are between the covers of this book.

In fact, we could have called this “Your Mind: The Owners’ Manual,” and yet it’s more than that. It is a carefully crafted book designed to give you what you have been looking for – freedom – and structured to make it easy to learn from and to make changes with.  It’s carefully sequenced to start you with the simplest tools that will make a difference for you right now.

Right in the first chapter, you get two ways to propel yourself into your “zone” – your high performance state. In addition, it continues, chapter by chapter, with tools that give you more choice and more control in your life.

When you purchase this book you will also get access to a custom companion website that provides you with additional materials, examples, video demonstrations and walk throughs of not only the above processes, but every process in the book.

We will hold your hand as much as you want, or you can breeze along by yourself. Either way the “Essentials” are here for you. We have been guiding people with these models for over twenty years. We’ve taught these models and processes to everyone from truck drivers to rocket scientists. It works for all of them.

These principles are present in all areas of life, from parenting to designing aircraft cockpits. The reason this works in everywhere and for everyone is that while every one of us is unique, every one of us is unique in the same ways. We are all humans and we all have the same biology.

Wherever humans are, whatever humans do, we carry the same neurology. NLP: The Essentials gets you started on a path of understanding how you can use your unique mind to better navigate your life.

As you read NLP: The Essential Guide, you’ll find yourself thinking in new ways and applying the techniques to your own personal challenges and opportunities for greater satisfaction.
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Want to know how NLP can help you Live Your Limitless Life?
Click here to schedule your FREE, one-on-one NLP Discovery Session with Tracy!