“NLP? ? Excuse me! What is that?
Hello-o-o ! It stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming.”
“Neuro …WHAT?


A familiar response to a cumbersome title. Don’t be fooled. Despite its wordy title, NLP remains  an elegant and timely technology, with increasing relevance to  21st century life.  With a growing  national emphasis on systems thinking, mind-body medicine, substance abuse, and antiquated educational models, NLP offfers unique and creative ways to:

  • Revolutionize  the way you perceive and store visual, auditory, physical and emotional information
  • Reduce stress as you teach your brain to work for you, not against you, in all situations
  • Energize and streamline your verbal and written communications
  • Savor a well honed ability to live in the moment with choice, flexibility and resourceful responses
  • Discover  the matrix of your self-concept, how it develops and functions;  and learn techniques to reinforce and fortify it
  • Greatly Expand your conscious awareness of internal and external experience
  • Learn to catch yourself in non-productive behaviors, discover the underlying motives and change responses quickly and easily
  • Radically enhance your understanding of people’s actions and communications, why they say what they say and do what they do
  • Inoculate yourself against the capricious turns of external events with a strong identity capable of weathering any storm
  • Ground yourself in positive and effective belief systems that produce immediate results
  • Learn to recognize and create “congruence,”  that graceful state of “flow” where you feel confident, competent and at ease
  • Discover the wisdom within you and  forever change the way you relate to your self and others

And wait! There’s more! Thirty years  after its origination, NLP remains the most effective training for :

⇒ Personal growth
⇒ Mediation and negotiation
⇒ Solution oriented psychotherapy
⇒ Leadership skills
⇒ Public speaking skills
⇒ Personal and interpersonal communication on all levels of     experience, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual


Can you  afford to wait? How are you navigating these  21st century waters? Are your strategies effective? Do you feel purposeful, focused and calm? Are you in control of your life, your emotions, thoughts and responses ? Would you like to feel confident, resourceful, “tuned in,”  motivated, purposeful, productive and calm? NLP will get you there. You will benefit immeasurably, and the world needs your NLP skills—NOW .


  • Clear, powerful thinking, emotional mastery and concrete  usable skills and techniques to keep you moving forward
  • Methods to find innovative solutions to challenging situations
  • A deeper and grounded understanding of your unique skills and abilities and effective ways to use them
  • Professional communication skills that will enhance your personal and business relationships  and create endless opportunities  to create meaningful and influential connections
  • An uplifting trust in your self, your decisions, your beliefs, and your ability to change and adapt to your constantly changing environment
  • Effective and powerful methods to determine what is useful and “not” useful in your life
  • A high level understanding of the way we all communicate both verbally and non-verbally
  • A positive  approach to life that will bring you success in any area of focus
  • Proven methods and techniques to get your self and others “unstuck” and keep life moving in positive and useful directions
  • Liberation from the traps of conditioned response and outmoded beliefs
  • A greatly expanded arena of choice and possibility
  • Simple exercises to overcome nervousness and end self-sabotaging behavior
  • In short, you will leave your training with a personal committment to a “quality” life  and tools and skills  to harvest success wherever you seek it


  • Parents
  • Lawyers, Negotiators and Mediators
  • Private and Public sector leaders and professionals
  • Educators
  • Managers, Human Resource and  Service Industry professionals
  • Writers and Public Speakers
  • Politicians and Diplomats
  • Law Enforcement
  • Salespeople
  • Secular and Religious Counselors , Therapists  and Life Coaches
  • Health Care  Professionals
  • Artists and Performers
  • Athletes and Coaches
  • Emergency Service Professionals
  • Individuals of all vocations who desire successful lives


NLP is not:

  • An abstract metaphysical philosophy
  • An ideological gimmick
  • A passing  “fad” in self-improvement
  • A highly technical and limited psychological formula
  • A manipulative or ‘brain-washing” strategy
  • A static model with limited application
  • A learning that fades with time and fails to create the growth you seek

NLP is:

  • A dynamic and generative learning experience with limitless possibilities for growth and expansion
  • A timeless skill that will evolve as you evolve, mature as you mature allowing you to create experience to match your script
  • A professional training that will change your life and the lives of those who know you
  • A universal ability that becomes a uniquely personal tool for each individual who practices and teaches it
  • A grounded, practical and dynamic approach to highly successful living

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is called a technology, a science, a technical method of achieving a practical purpose.  It is a dynamic model designed to maximize human potential and creativity in every area of experience.

NLP is not a system that you conform to.  Rather, it is way of looking at and interpreting experience that molds itself to you and your individual expression in the world. With NLP training you become so much more of who you already are. You realize your potential in ways  you’ve only dreamed and you  have the tools to help others realize their dreams. The strategies, techniques and processes you learn in a NLP training deliver a solid foundation whose only limits are the limits of your own imagination.