At NLP Comprehensive we offer many live and recorded events to help you advance your personal and professional growth.  NLP is not something that can be learned by a book or reading on a website.

To truly learn NLP you need to experience it. And you can only experience it through interactions.

To make this amazing knowledge and these skills available to people near and far we are offering events both in person and virtually.  Take a peek below to see the latest schedule of upcoming events.

27-29, 2019

with Tamara Andreas

A gently powerful personal transformation seminar that teaches 3 methods for deep emotional healing and behavior transformation. Many people also find it a direct way to access our spiritual core. You do not need to have spiritual beliefs to benefit — it is experience based rather than belief based. If you’ve attended once, you’re welcome to return for half price. We encourage using this process multiple times for ongoing deepening of the benefits.


BOULDER, CO |   Sept 27-29, 2019   |   3 Full Days

Oct 4-6, 2019

with Connirae Andreas

A special opportunity to experience a class with Connirae Andreas, learning a new way of working! Modeled from spiritual teachings into something simple and doable, these methods leads to a “reset” of the nervous system, plus the resolution of many issues. Even the really difficult issues that nothing else has worked with often begin responding with this approach. Of interest to anyone interested in personal growth, spirituality, NLP, or just a way to deal with stress that actually works.


BOULDER, CO |   Oct 4-6, 2019   |