Do You WISH You Had More Freedom?

Freedom from unwanted or, worse yet, unexpected emotions and reactions.  Freedom from unpredictable or unresourceful feelings.  Freedom to control your emotions, thoughts and actions?

So do a lot of people. 

And The Spark Within is how you can achieve that freedom.  The Spark Within is an 8 week training that will not only introduce you to some of the most powerful self-improvement techniques available, it will also walk you through exercises to achieve change and manifest the life you have been dreaming of.

In this training you will discover your own power. Your magic. You will re-connect with your inner power to discover a level of happiness and success that you had forgotten was even possible.

Remember when you were a kid? And you thought anything was possible?

Turns out, you were right! 

Anything is possible. 

And YOU can do anything! 

As we become adults our hopes and dreams often get squashed by well-meaning adults and mentors, hoping to protect us from pain and failure. 

In The Spark Within you will learn how to hear that hope and excitement again. You will discover how you can silence the voices from your past, the fears of failure or success, and how to enjoy the passion of possibility! 

You will explore your hopes and dreams, take a look at and break through your limiting beliefs, and quiet any voices from your past that are limiting your success or holding you back from becoming the amazing you that you're meant to be!

What you can expect to discover in The Spark Within
  • Kickstart your inner power, find your inner strength
  • Amp up your communication
  • Double time your productivity
  • Creativity Strategy for problem solving
  • Have clear communication
  • Understand other people’s motivation, even when they don’t seem to make any sense
  • Managing off the hook reactions to things
  • Resolve conflicts before they really take hold
  • Negotiate like a boss!
  • Motivate yourself even when you’d rather stay in bed
  • Change how you experience interactions
  • Become the most patient person in the room
  • How to resolve negative reactions to people or memories
  • Why positive thinking doesn’t work, and how to fix it
Each Module Includes...


Each module includes a guidebook to offer support and direction on your journey, as well as to serve as a journal of change

Live Session

Each Thursday at 11am Pacific you will have the opportunity to participate in a live session where we'll explore the weekly topic 

Supplemental Materials

Supplemental videos, audios and documents will be shared each week that will supplement your journey to make it even more rich and powerful

Office Hours

Each week you will have the opportunity to participate in "office hours" where you will be able to ask any questions and get clarification
The Spark Within Modules
  •  Module 1: Understanding YOU! Discovering your inner world is one of the keys to improving it! You will discover how you code information and how that impacts your thoughts and experiences. 
  • Module 2: Understanding Others Now that you understand yourself, join us on a journey towards understanding the world around you. Explore the impact you have on others, and how they impact you.
  • Module 3: Getting What You Want Persuasion and influence are two of the most valuable skills we can possess. They help us in all areas of our life, from the boardroom to the living room. Personally and professionally, improving our persuasion and influence changes our world.
  •  Module 4: Excelling in Your Personal Life Limiting beliefs can shape our entire life. They can keep us from succeeding and reaching our goals, and they can influence the way we interact with others. Join in as we explore limiting beliefs about ourselves, others, money and more.
  • Module 5: Performing at Work Whether you work for yourself or someone else, you want to do your best. (BTW...I include stay at home moms and dads in the work for yourself category) :)  Discover how to ignite your passion, increase your motivation, and perform at your best!
  • Module 6: Communicating for Connection Communication is a very hot topic these days, and NLP has been studying it for decades. Whether you are communicating with yourself or with others, being deliberate in your verbal, and nonverbal, communications will improve your outcomes.
  • Module 7: Dealing with Conflicts No one likes conflict. And it's even worse when it's internal. In this module we will explore both internal and external conflicts, the thigns that cause them, and how to diffuse them, leaving everyone feeling good about it.
  •  Module 8: Advanced Strategies One of the most powerful things about NLP is it's ability to teach us how to recognize and identify patterns, choosing to repeat or stop them. Discover how to take what you've learned and expand it to other areas of your life, opening up possibilities you never thought possible.
Register Now...The Spark Within Starts Tuesday, August 29th!

Normally $697 you can now register for The Spark Within for only $497.  Get all 8 weeks of lessons, workbooks, live meetings, office hours and materials for over 25% off if you register right now!

Training starts on Tuesday, August 29th at 11am Pacific.

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