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August 25, 2009

Six Figure Coaching

Note from Tom

Dear Tom,

This Wednesday we’ve got several things going on. My NLP “littermate” (PracTrac Classmate) Jason McClain is going to share more of his breakthrough practice-building secrets.

AND Tom Dotz is visiting and is looking forward to seeing some old NLP friends and some new ones. Tom is currently owner and President of NLP Comprehensive, and prior to that was the founding owner of NLP California.

Seeya there,


This Week’s Program
Wednesday, August 26                  Subject:   The 3 Necessary Components for a 6-Figure Practice
Host:       Jason McClain

Jason’s the real deal. His personal life story makes the stories of both Tony Robbins and Christopher Howard look like happy-go-lucky children’s books. He believes that Success isn’t magic; it’s systematic.

He built a 6-figure practice from scratch with an intangible service ::: “Personal Evolution”. Something no one wakes up in the morning and thinks they need or looks for. His success was as a result of the incredible efficacy of the system he developed by trial and error.

A system he will hand over to you in this talk. Fine-tuned, and streamlined. His talk will include:

The Three Necessary Components for success
7 “Tricks of the Trade”
The Number One Mistake that Practitioners and Coaches make in their marketing

Coming Attractions:

Future subjects: Conversational change, Energy, Hypnosis,  Intuition