NLP: A Personal Journey

by Deborah Lee Brewington

Two years ago I found myself back into another downhill slide in my recovery. It was the ending of a very abusive relationship. I volunteered myself to a program for women with victimization and substance abuse issues, a therapeutic community to try once again to put my life together. I entered this program with God leading and guiding me and telling me that this is where I would “heal”.

The program used NLP therapy to treat PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) and other trauma issues. NLP was first introduced by doing a timeline and the SWISH to change work around memory and personal history. They grew me up without the violence and abuse, turned down many loud voices, and even shrunk the man’s face I was molested by down to the size of a stamp placed on an envelope and mailed to the Antarctica. Many bad memories began unfolding for me as I worked through the sexual abuse. The sexual abuse began by being very vivid in my mind like a movie running in my head over and over. This, too, stopped! By God’s grace and mercy and the NLP techniques, a mighty healing began a journey to an awakening of self-esteem, self-confidence, and empowerment to know and believe in myself.

I wanted to learn and understand how NLP worked. As I began to learn, I came to the realization, almost paranoia, that this could be very “dangerous” if used in a negative way. The Lord’s work is about building, not destroying. I followed God, and I believe that NLP has been given to me as a gift from God. Today after 8 months plus of learning NLP, I am a very strong person who can see things clearly and feels her feelings instead of medicating them.

I smoked cigarettes for 16 years and I am smoke free with the strength and help from God and a very powerful compulsion blowout! I have learned myself, and God has opened my mind and heart to strive for excellence, and I know that in this state I can accomplish almost any task!

For months now, I have been able to communicate with people, and most importantly, with my family. I believe with all my heart and soul that I can’t keep it unless I gave it away! I use positive language and positive thinking for myself and many others. Jesus says for us to love one another and build each other up! To be an overcomer and strive to be a life long learner is what I am today.

Along this journey I have had the pleasure to experience, to be a part of other individuals’ healing through God and the NLP therapy techniques I have learned. I know a lady who was diagnosed MPD, schizophrenic. I practiced in an integration piece, the parts party. To watch the energy, the work of God, and the seven personalities meet come to an agreement and then together in unison was amazing. Today the woman is back in her own house, strong and self-confident. NLP has helped to change my life.

I give God all the glory and honor for my healing, and allowing me to go through the metaphor of a life changing operation of rewiring my brain. My goals are self-mastery, continuing to grow, be a life long learner, and continue to give back in any way. I hope to experience greater levels NLP as my journey continues.

Deborah Lee Brewington is a Certified Additictions Counselor. She uses NLP to work with PTSD and Developmentally Disabled children. You can email Deborah at