Core Transformation: Reaching the Wellspring Within

by Connirae Andreas, Ph.D. and Tamara Andreas, M.M.

DESCRIPTION: This book will take you on a healing inner journey to the depths of your being. You’ll be guided through 10 simple steps, through which your limitations become the doorway to powerfully transforming states of being that most people describe as “inner peace” “love” or “oneness.” Through the process, these states become your new foundation for living. With these states uncovered in the specific way described in the book, many limitations melt away, and even deeply-entrenched problems often unravel and dissolve.

The process is surprisingly simple, and the experience of doing it feels like a kindness to yourself long overdue. Easy-to-read, and engagingly written, the book includes many examples of other people’s experiences for you to follow along. With the clear, step-by-step guide, comes lots of assistance in how to make sure the process fits for you.

This book is likely to be a profoundly life-changing experience. Readers are still writing letters saying “Thanks” for their changes. These include–career advances, healing relationships, stopping smoking, losing weight, recovering from anxiety, a volatile temper, and other problem emotions, improving health, recovering from sleeplessness, etc. Our letters also include a man who got over a life-long depression, a teen worker who says this is the favorite method of the delinquents he works with, a former alcoholic who says this process helped him get over his “black moods,” a woman who was finally able to conceive a child, a priest who is pleased to have a method to help his congregation, a person who lost his fear of death. More important than the specific changes people get from this process are the subtle changes that happen once this part of our being is reached. We feel more “full” as human beings; more loving, more “on track” in our lives. Once we find and uncover the “wellspring within”, so much is different.

Are you ready to discover your own inner capacities? This book can be your guide.

EXCERPT: (Client report, from Chapter 12: A Demonstration with Lisa, which follows the complete verbatim demonstration.)

“After the seminar I didn’t think about the change, I just went about my life, but I have found that my response (at work) is entirely different. The feeling that I used to get in my heart didn’t happen. I used to have incredible pain in my chest because I didn’t know what to do. The choking feeling that I used to get in my throat didn’t happen. This time, without even thinking about it, I started breathing really deeply–where before I didn’t breathe. Instead of the old voice in my head that said, ‘It’s impossible,’ Now I have a knowing that says, ‘Yes, we can do something. I will work on it.’

“Before doing the Core Transformation Process, I had tried everything. I have been studying self-help methods since I was sixteen. I tried “being positive.” I told myself that everything would work out fine. That didn’t work at all. It drained me. No one believed me because I didn’t believe it. Now I feel much more neutral. I’m able to see everyone’s side and I don’t get into the emotions of it. And I love my job again! I had been thinking I needed a new career, and that was really scary because I’m good at this and I like it. It was very disturbing to me to think about changing careers. So now I have my life back.

“What I love is that when I did the technique, I changed and it has lasted. I don’t have to consciously do anything; it’s all automatic. It’s like I have a new me. An unexpected bonus was that I stopped smoking as a result of the Core Transformation Process. What happened is that afterwards I didn’t want a cigarette! The desire was gone! I didn’t decide to quit, I just didn’t
want one.

“I have been dating the same person for 10 years… and there was a lot of yuck happening in the relationship. Now, we’re living together! After the process I was able to communicate with my partner about how I wanted to relate and how I wanted life to be. Then it was a matter of ‘Do you want to paint this picture with me, and does this picture match your picture?’ Before, my attitude was ‘If you don’t want it, I’ll be heartbroken.’ My new attitude is ‘It’s okay, because I’m now me and I’m whole. And I can have a life whether you want to be in it or not.’ And what’s even greater is that once I became whole and let him go, he came to me!”

Table of Contents:
The Journey Begins
Befriending the Unconscious
Finding Positive Purposes
The Five Core States
A Demonstration with Cathy
The Core State Exercise
A Questionnaire
Doing it!
Going Solo
Putting Core Transformation Into Practice
Growing Up a Part
A Demonstration With Lisa
Doing It!
Completing the Process with All Parts
A Demonstration With Greg
Completing the Process with All Parts
How to Recognize Parts that Need to be Included
The Complete Core Transformation Exercise
Parental Timeline Reimprinting
A Demonstration With Dave
Parental Timeline Reimprinting
Doing It!
Victoria’s Story
Enhancing Your Results
Finding More Parts to Transform
How Parts Are Formed
Who is in the Driver’s Seat?
Transforming Illness
Generalizing the Core Transformation Process
How People Have Used Core Transformation
Core Transformation and Spirituality
Integrating Core Transformation Into Our Lives


“Core Transformation offers a profound way to touch the depths of our own soulfulness. I had an immediate and deep experience of self-love with it.”
John Bradshaw, author Creating Love

“A refreshing change from books that perceive our weaknesses as negative, this book takes us on an inner journey where we are led by our deficiencies into the wholeness within. Using practical exercises, Andreas walks us through a dialogue process designed to heal those parts of ourselves that are causing us difficulties. Also included are inspiring stories of people whose lives have been permanently changed for the better by utilizing this 10-step process. A powerful and life-altering book!”
Body, Mind, & Spirit, January 1995, Marianne Parady

“One of the most important works I have come across, in any field. Core Transformation should be adopted as the principal therapy by every therapist in the country, understood and practiced by everyone in the helping and legal professions, as well as parents and teachers. I stand in awe at the simplicity, clarity and directness of a work of such magnitude, and will do all I can to promote it.”
Joseph Chilton Pearce, author The Crack in the Cosmic Egg, The Magical Child, Evolution’s End
“Core Transformation is a brilliant book about a brilliant process. It quickly takes you to the core of your being. What a powerful and simple gift! I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to achieve higher states of love, peace and joy!”
Jack Canfield, author, Chicken Soup for the Soul

“The way to a man and woman’s heart is through this book. Core Transformation will help you turn your limitations inside out, enabling you to experience yourself in a way you never dreamed possible.”
Michele Weiner-Davis, author, Divorce-Busting

“Core Transformation takes us beyond assumed boundaries, into the virgin territories of the self–a place of greater courage and love, into the wellspring of authenticity, the core of being.”
Dan Millman, author, The Way of the Peaceful Warrior and The Life You Were Born to Live

“This book will take you there. Compassionately, clearly and interestingly written, with just the right balance of idea and procedure. There is no limit to the good Core Transformation could end up doing.”
Hugh Prather, author, Notes to Myself

“I am astounded. Suddenly we have a bridge from psychopathology (or plain human problems) to enlightenment. There it stands, every beam in place, and traffic already passing over it. I know therapist types will make ready use of it, and I hope religions will embrace the profound implications of this fine new bridge to their territory.”
Wilson Van Dusen, Ph.D., author, Returning to the Source: The Way to the Experience of God; former Chief Psychologist at Mendocino State Hospital, CA

“Core Transformation is simple magic. No degrees required. If your life feels dry and brittle at the edges, if you are struggling toward the health that wholeness brings, this book is gift and guide.”
Susan Berry, World Health Organization

“…very engaging and has many anecdotes, personal stories and client examples designed to help bring about internal shifts for the reader. The transformative process itself is surprisingly simple and easy to follow, considering the depth of internal change it facilitates. Actual demonstrations of doing the process make it easy to step right in and do the process yourself. This ground-breaking new book is destined to become “required reading” for those of us in the healing professions. The book outlines a clear, simple, ten-step process for transforming personal limitations and illness into a sense of wholeness, well-being, and even spirituality. It gives us a simple, elegant, and effective tool that gently and respectfully guides us directly into the core of our being, to profoundly deep psychological healing and “Core States” such as inner peace, love and a sense of oneness. Includes an in-depth chapter on working with health-related concerns.” Although a number of books go into detail about why we need to embrace our shadow, they tend to stop short of telling us how. The Core Transformation Process is a powerful way not only to accept and embrace the shadow, but to reintegrate it into the personality so it becomes an ally instead of an enemy.”
Bridges, ISSSEEM Newsmagazine, Fall, 1994, Christine Hibbard, Ph.D.

“As you might expect from Connirae Andreas, this really is a clear, straightforward, easy-to-follow, and step-by-step book that will guide you in moving through limitations and into experiencing those states (transcendental or spiritual states of well-being and connectedness) in every movement of your life. There are examples of results obtained by hundreds of people dealing with a wide variety of issues such as relationships, emotions, self-image, self-development, abuse and trauma, health concerns, alcohol, drug and food addictions, unwanted habits, and many others. I have used it in my practice and it works. People’s lives are transformed. Learn this process, use this process. The process is outstanding and the book is admirable. If you perform the exercises, you may have the experience of a Core State and really transform your life.”
Anchor Point Magazine, Mar 1994, Ben H. Leichtling, Ph.D.)

“A landmark publication in NLP. It is the first substantial work to be constructed entirely around the elicitation and integration of states that would ordinarily form the focus of a spiritual quest. Their carefully-constructed, systematic, step-by-step focus on the experience of core states and the generalization of these states to every dusty nook of life makes deep change through these methods accessible and inevitable to anyone willing to take the time to follow the pathway laid out in the book. Anything becomes grist for the mill. And while someone using the Core Transformation formats may be motivated by desire for a specific outcome, the process itself widens the frame, so that the benefits gained are greater than those implicit in the initial desired outcome. This is a book that should be read and used by anyone who would like a way to contact their own essence and use it to transform their own lives.”
NLP World I, 1, by Peter Wrycza, Ph.D.

“In Core Transformation, well-known NLP trainer Connirae Andreas has…uncovered not only a promising new therapeutic tool, but a kind of inner alchemist’s stone–one that turns inner defects into states of exaltation. As a method for treating abuse issues, Core Transformation is an important Resource for aiding survivors to reclaim their inner lives. It is particularly significant that it begins with the symptoms of distress and discovers within them the keys to change.

In both personal and clinical use I have been impressed how gracefully people can attain such profound inner states without elaborate training in meditation or hypnosis. I find myself most moved by the non-doctrinal spirituality of the process. Here regular folks are given access to states of mind that had previously been the domain of specially trained or gifted mystics. The spiritual awareness seems to flow naturally from the Core State experience rather than from a particular belief system. Core Transformation is a practical guide to finding light in even our darkest inner places.”
Treating Abuse Today, Hillel Zeitlin, LCSW

“This is certainly a different kind of book with exciting potential for personal improvement. It is accessible even to non-professionals. The process is gentle with no discernible side effects. Read it; there is power here. The method has created a bridge, unexpected by its author, to the spiritual dimension of the self similar to what prayer and meditation aim for.”
The Addiction Letter, Feb 1997, reviewed by Irving M. Rosen, M.D., Brown
University School of Medicine, Providence, RI

Imagine your limitations becoming a doorway to states often called “Inner Peace,” “Joy,” “Love,” or “Oneness.” Core Transformation meets the deepest strivings of our times: to heal our problems and develop spiritually. “Oneness and Being,” the goal of most psycho-spiritual approaches, is no longer a mysterious ideal. Core Transformation makes it tangible, even inevitable.

This simple ten-step process offers a gentle, compassionate way to melt limitations rather than fight them. Specific changes attributed to the Core Transformation process include career advances, healing relationships, stopping smoking, healing “problem” emotions, improving health, overcoming depression, and developing an underlying sense of well-being. THIS BOOK SHOWS YOU HOW!

“My life has changed in so many ways…sometimes I just want to pinch myself and say, ‘Is this real?’ because life is happier every day….” (p.71)

“…the results are spectacular. I’ve been attracting people that are focused, not upset, not angry. I no longer waste energy….” (p.58)

“The most exciting part was the discovery that I didn’t have to go outside myself to get inner peace….” (p.98)

INSIDEFLAP: “The doorways to personal transformation are through our own worst faults. In fact, whatever we consider our biggest limitations become our strongest inner allies. Using the Core Transformation Process, the change comes from within, not from anybody else.”

Core Transformation offers groundbreaking new techniques discovered and developed by internationally-renowned NLP trainer Connirae Andreas. By following this ten-step process, we can gently yet powerfully facilitate automatic, natural personal change.

The ten steps to Core Transformation can take us immediately into more satisfying relationships and profound inner states like peace and a sense of oneness. Is this a quick fix? Yes, and no. You can have immediate results, and this approach works with our deepest spiritual nature to create lasting change. The most profound results come from using the process over time.

In this book you will read moving and colorful stories of people who struggled for years to change difficult relationships with loved ones and co-workers. Others had deep, unresolved anger and rage, or chronic illness. Some were the victims of emotional and sexual abuse. What they all share is gratitude for the depth of their healing, and the joy of tapping into their deepest core selves. This opportunity is available to all of us, now.


Connirae Andreas, Ph.D., has been a leader for two decades in the field of personal development through her teaching and writing. In addition to Core Transformation, she is co-author of Heart of the Mind, and other hallmark books in the field of NLP. Together with her husband, Steve Andreas, she founded the training center, NLP Comprehensive, which continues to be regarded as one of the leading NLP centers worldwide. Books she has authored or edited have been translated into 14 different languages. Currently Connirae is devoting time to supporting the Core Transformation Training Team, and parenting her three sons. She lives near Boulder, Colorado with her husband and their three teen-age sons.

Tamara Andreas, M.M
., is an international transformational seminar leader with a private practice. Having designed the original training format used in Core Transformation trainings, she is now a leader of the Core Transformation Training Team and primary author of the Core Transformation Trainer Manual. In addition, she is a sought-after NLP trainer at both Practitioner and Master Practitioner levels. She has also consulted and trained in the business arena. She now lives in Boulder, Colorado, and continues to use the Core Transformation process in depth in her own life.

AUTHOR COMMENTS: In this book you will be invited to identify the behaviors, feelings and responses you like least in yourself, and use them to take yourself on a remarkably healing and uplifting personal journey within, to the depths of your beingness. This journey is called the Core Transformation Process.

The material presented in this book is a breakthrough for me both personally and professionally, and I believe it is a breakthrough in the field of personal growth and psychology. As I explored and developed the Core Transformation Process with clients and with myself, I began to have a sense of awe and reverence for what I witnessed. Powerfully transforming states of consciousness, which I call Core States, were naturally emerging. These states seemed to be identical to the states of consciousness many people strive for in spiritual traditions, described as transcendent or spiritual experiences. Through doing the Core Transformation Process these states became more than a temporary high–they became the basis for living from a new “center.”

The way these experiences emerged was surprising and unexpected. I had no intention of developing a process with spiritual overtones. My goal was to develop a process that went deep enough to the core of our experience to be effective with everything from seemingly trivial problems to our biggest life issues. I wanted something that went deeper than what I had known Before–both for myself and for my clients.

In this search I gave myself the challenge of working with people who had some major limitation they hadn’t been able to change. The issues they dealt with varied widely from chronic pain, abuse, bulimia, rage, sexual difficulties, codependency, to the man who felt he always held himself back from living his full potential.

In seeking to find what would transform these major life issues I stumbled upon a process that went far beyond my original goals. Most of the people I took through it got the results they wanted in their lives–either complete changes or significant movement in the direction they desired. But beyond that, they wrote me cards and letters telling me things like, “It’s a miracle,” or, “Everything has changed.” One person who didn’t get what he had specifically asked for said, “I got something better; something wonderful is happening that’s hard to put into words.”

Discovering these incredibly powerful Core States at the center of every inner part in myself and others has certainly transformed my sense of the spiritual nature within each of us. This spiritual nature is not a belief system, it is an experience, and I want to acknowledge that you may prefer to describe your experience in other terms. You do not need to have a spiritual belief to benefit from the Core Transformation Process. When we do this process with individual clients, or in workshops, we often do not talk about what kind of experience to expect. You will get equally strong results whether you describe your experience as spiritual, or in other terms that fit better for you.

…As you do these exercises, be gentle and patient with yourself. As you read each step, we will be there with you, guiding you in what may be the kindest thing you have done for yourself in some time. The process is simple and straightforward. First we will assist you in welcoming the parts of yourself that you want to change–they are about to become your strongest and most helpful allies.