The Next Step in Perceptual Positions

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Have you ever felt like, even though you understand and have practiced perceptual positions, sometimes they don’t make change by themselves?  Like sometimes you need something else, another bucket than the three standard positions? Perceptual positions are a core distinction in NLP, one that is used in multiple processes and techniques. Our perceptual positions guide our experiences. It is through this key distinction that we form memories, experiences and reactions. But what if our perceptual positions aren’t clear? What if…

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Anchoring for Results

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Anchoring in NLP is a core technique. As the basis of so many larger processes, getting very skilled at anchoring is work that will be so very worth it. You can use anchoring to maintain a state, to elicit a resourceful state, to eliminate unwanted reactions, and as a part of so many other processes. It really is a core technique, without which, I’m not sure you can effectively practice NLP. As NLP practitioners, whether certified or not, our goal…

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Finding Your Clients

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For many of us, finding clients is the only thing standing between us and success. You may feel your training is solid, your skills are dialed in, and you have accumulated some fantastic successes. Given that, your practice should be full and keeping you busy, right? Wrong. If only practice building were that easy. Regardless of your experience, you still need to market yourself in order to keep a full practice. And for many coaches, marketing is a difficult thing….

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Working with Other People’s Meta-Programs

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I’m very fortunate.  Business has been busy and growing. While, like anyone, there are bumps in the road, things are all in all going well. In fact, I’ve just added new members to my team. One of them is my daughter!  It’s really cool when you get to work with someone you already know and respect!  I consider myself to be exceptionally lucky in that respect. We are very much alike in some core areas, like work ethic, honesty, and…

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State management in a crisis

Are you acting or reacting? (State Management through a teenager’s eyes)

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My youngest daughter, Hannah, is 17 and has been working on finding her way in the world. She is busy being an entrepreneur and working hard to share her message that yes, one person can make a difference. She is also directionally challenged, so the whole experience of driving has been, shall we say, interesting? Well, in late August 2015 she was driving home from having brunch with a friend and she was hit by another teenage girl. She was…

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Quieting the Inner Voice and Enjoying the Day

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Are you enjoying the season? Recently I’ve seen a lot of posts on social media reminding people that the seasons don’t change until September 22. It seems, as is human nature, people are rushing the next change! We seem to want to grow up when we’re young, can’t wait for the holidays, or a vacation, or the summer months…whatever it is, human nature seems to be to rush things. I, for one, try very hard to enjoy every day for…

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Excellence and the Olympics

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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about motivation and excellence. I’m not sure if that’s because my youngest recently graduated from high school so her future is on my mind a lot, if it has to do with the Olympics, or if it’s just a theme for me right now. Whatever the reason, it’s definitely been front of mind lately! The Olympics were on in my house an awful lot while they were taking place. I have some sports fans…

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Anything you can do I can do better…

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Happy Tuesday!  Weather is warming up a bit here, at least for a little while, and I have been busy baking and enjoying Autumn smells.  My home is filled with smells of apple and pumpkin and I am enjoying getting to read by the fire.  I’m sure by mid-January I will be ready for warmer weather, but for now I am loving spending more time indoors, eating soup and reading books. This week I’ve had occasion to give a lot…

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Subtle Skills for Building Rapport with NLP

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Subtle Skills for Building Rapport Using Neuro-Linguistic Programming in the Interview Room By VINCENT A. SANDOVAL, M.A., and SUSAN H. ADAMS, M.A. FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin Mark Hamilton, a seasoned detective, slowly opens the door to the interview room. The witness to the drive-by shooting sits leaning forward in a chair with her head in her hands. Normally, Mark bellows out his introduction to establish immediate control, but not this time. He enters the room without speaking, pulls a chair…

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How Our Metaphors Reveal Creative Solutions

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Here’s another in our series on metaphors we live by, the ways in which how we describe our lives and situations influences us. The specific metaphors we use, the way we use them and the stories we create with them may limit us, inspire us, or expand our options. Recognizing the ones you use is the first step to understanding they are affecting your life now. In this essay Connirae gives you several examples of how to discover the stories…

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