Why Owning Your Own Choices is the Only Way to Change

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Can I be honest? One of my biggest pet peeves, as a parent and a person, is when people don’t own their own choices. And you know, it’s funny. I don’t remember my parents drilling that into me as a kid or anything. I don’t even remember it ever coming up. I do remember, like most of us, making mistakes and blaming other people. I remember, one time in particular, my step-brother and I were playing baseball in the street…

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Choosing the Best Website for your Coaching Practice

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Coaching plays an important role in our society. It allows people to get help who otherwise might continue to struggle. Coaches support people through transitions that once were life altering, allowing them to get back to the “business of living” faster than ever before. And in the 21st century we are being bombarded with new tools and resources to “make [our] lives easier.” But what if they aren’t making our lives easier? What if all this technology is only complicating…

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Why does it have to be a long road?

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Have you heard the saying “It’s a long road but…?” It seems to come in and out of popularity and is usually used when talking about changing behaviors or making some other impactful change in life. I hear that a lot when talking about changing habits. Quitting smoking, starting a new behavior…anything like that. So, as I heard someone say this recently I began thinking back. Wondering how many times I have heard this saying before, allowing myself to believe…

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The Most Important Question in Parenting

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As a parent we are faced with a number of challenges. We have to learn to balance our lives, manage our household, and raise and train our children to be outstanding members of the society they are going to live in. We raise them to be good, to work hard and to treat others well. We expect them to make themselves proud, and hopefully us in the process. All the while we are navigating waters we have never been on….

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You can’t make ‘em change

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It’s happened to all of us. We have someone in our lives and we want to help them change. Maybe they want to quit smoking, make more money or improve an important relationship in their life. Whatever it is, the story is the same. They tell us they want to change, they have tried to change, and they have never successfully changed. So, what is that about? Can you help them change, and more importantly, should you? One of the…

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Anchoring for Results

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Anchoring in NLP is a core technique. As the basis of so many larger processes, getting very skilled at anchoring is work that will be so very worth it. You can use anchoring to maintain a state, to elicit a resourceful state, to eliminate unwanted reactions, and as a part of so many other processes. It really is a core technique, without which, I’m not sure you can effectively practice NLP. As NLP practitioners, whether certified or not, our goal…

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How do you create your feelings?

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Have you ever gone to traditional therapy? I’m talking about a therapist that is trained in traditional behavior change, without and current or new modalities to pull from. When I was 15 I went through a rather difficult phase in life. Well, I should be more clear. My 15 was particularly difficult for my parents. I was having a blast!  🙂 Anyway, I was really testing my limits, hanging out with friends, and starting to get into trouble. I was…

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Why Self Improvement Books Don’t Work

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Self-improvement is a lofty goal that many of us are reaching for. We want to get past our challenges, bring out our strengths, and become the best and happiest version of ourselves possible. For many of us the journey is amazing. It’s illuminating, instructive, and successful. We are able to overcome and persevere, with more joy and ease than we originally thought possible. For others it becomes almost an obsession, never reaching that level of happiness so many strive for….

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10 Tips For Building a Strong Client Base For Your NLP Coaching Practice

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A coaching relationship involves two people. The coach and the client. Last week we talked about what kind of coach you want to be, what you want to specialize in, and how to share what you do with the world. (If you want to read more about that, check out Finding Your Clients)  Now I’d like to talk about the other person in an NLP coaching practice (or any kind of coaching practice) …the client. Your client is the most…

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Finding Your Clients

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For many of us, finding clients is the only thing standing between us and success. You may feel your training is solid, your skills are dialed in, and you have accumulated some fantastic successes. Given that, your practice should be full and keeping you busy, right? Wrong. If only practice building were that easy. Regardless of your experience, you still need to market yourself in order to keep a full practice. And for many coaches, marketing is a difficult thing….

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