NLP: The Essential Guide – An Introduction

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It’s finally here.  After much hype, countless hours, so many months work, the new book, NLP: The Essential Guide is in stores and on shelves.  It’s hard to believe.  It’s really here, and it’s more than just paper. Published by William Morrow/Harper Collins, it’s available now.  You get the book and the matching Companion Site . The site is linked to from specific pages throughout the book, creating an inclusive multi-sensory learning environment for you. Tom Dotz created the site to provide…

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Emotions As Passengers, Not Drivers: Choosing & Changing Your State

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A long time ago I promised to make a book using Tom Hoobyar’s NLP stories. He and I got a good start on it, and then life interrupted, and Tom passed on. So Susan Sanders, a good friend and stellar NLP’er, and I took the beginnings of a manuscript Tom H had created and turned it into a completed work. Today you’re getting an excerpt directly from the book, and one you haven’t seen before. To my delight, the book…

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Confidence You Can Take With You…Everywhere? Yes.

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Here is another great piece from our new book, “NLP: The Essential Guide”. It’s a unique story and process you haven’t seen before. Help us make this a top NLP book and reserve a pre-order copy. It really counts a lot more if you do – and that way you’ll be able to write one of the first reviews of it, too!. (And the pre-publication pricing is such a deal. 😉 Get yours here: Amazon: B&N: Books A…

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Motivation: Looking Back to Look Forward

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I don’t know about you, for me this is the time of year when my motivation starts to suffer.  The holidays are approaching, I become reflective about the year that is coming to an end and anticipatory about the upcoming year.  My family is excited and begins discussing their plans for the season.  Not to mention the chill outside makes me want a warm fire, cozy blanket and cup of hot chocolate.  The motivation to get things done isn’t always…

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Overcoming Shyness

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Overcoming Shyness By Tom Hoobyar Article Word Count 1861, average reading time 7 minutes. I want to tell you a story about a teenage boy who went to his first dance at a new school. It was a Thursday evening “practice prom”, an early evening dance in  the gym so the students could practice various dance steps before the prom. The music was provided by tape deck; one of the physical education teachers played the role of DJ. The dance…

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The Sound of Silence

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You and I both know how important nonverbal communication is in our interactions with others. However, do we really know, and understand, all the parts and pieces that go into that nonverbal communication? It’s easy to overlook part of it, or to underestimate the importance of nuances when we talk to others. This is a nice piece on not only the importance of nonverbal communication, but also on the differences in the various rules of engagement. I’m sure you will…

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Four Ways To Almost Instant State Change

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In this article you’ll meet another NLP trainer and developer, Kevin Creedon. Kevin is based in New York where he has been training NLP and working extensively with HIV/AIDS patients. Out of that work he has created some very interesting processes. In this email he outlines for you three short and sweet processes you can apply all by yourself, almost anytime and anywhere. Oh, and a description of his major healing process, the “Bang Bang” strategy follows the first three….

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Overcoming Overwhelm

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Here is another look at managing the over-abundance of stimulus we sometimes experience. Our estimable founder Steve Andreas describes two main sources, and several ways of dealing with them. In addition to being more relaxed and confident in your ability to handle what life is giving you, Steve also describes how to have a better ability to focus on your task at hand. So enjoy! Tom Dotz PS: On the topic of submodalities which Steve mentions, here are a couple…

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How to Beat Overload

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Most of us feel that experience we call ‘overwhelm’ at one time or another, and more so as life seems to keep moving at a faster pace. Here’s a look at how to manage those experiences and have a little more energy for your self. It’s a little play with submodalities, the “molcules of meaning” in our imagination. Nice. Oh, naturally we go into this is some detail in both our Portable Practitioner Program, and the Fundamentals of NLP. You…

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Where are your limits?

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“People respond to their own model of the world/map of reality, not to reality itself. (The map is not the territory.)” This is perhaps the fundamental statement on which all of the rest of NLP is based. It’s our internal reality, self-created, that determines our world. Yes, we all walk on the same planet. But what we are aware of (and what we ignore) as we walk our path, is what determines our experience. This is where we set limits…

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