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The Portable NLP Master Practitioner Training

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The Portable NLP Master Practitioner Training Now Available in “Fly on the wall” Special!

Raw and unedited – This footage is coming straight from the camera!

If you purchased the Portable Practitioner Training, or the earlier classroom version, you’ve enjoyed a thoroughly edited, polished, and cross referenced NLP Comprehensive Practitioner Training – a tool for both the neophyte and the master. The “Portable Master Practitioner” is the unedited video recording of our 20 day Advanced Training. It’s presented on 37 DVDs and a CD with the complete training manual. 

Here’s what’s included in the Master Practitioner Series:

Section 1: Modeling with David Gordon

David is one of the original developers of NLP. He has developed a very precise model of modeling, and that is what you will get here: Three days of David’s exquisite teaching and a complete set of templates for any modeling project you would like to do.

  • Experiential Array
  • Experiential Array Elicitations
  • Belief Template Elicitation (Bridget)
  • Modeling Gang Elicitation Protocol
  • Lenny Array Acquisition
  • Protocol Acquisition, Hindrances
  • Stepping In Array
  • Belief Elicitation Template

Section 2: Advanced Submodalities with Tom Best

Tom’s first Advanced Submodalities training was twelve days! He taught mine, and it was one of the most thorough NLP training experiences I’ve ever had. Here’s what he covers:

  • Submodality Distinctions
  • Explorations Exercise
  • Mapping Across with Submodalities Exercise
  • General Patterns, Tests
  • Simple Submodality Interventions
  • Looking Back and Laughing Exercise
  • The Designer Swish and Designer Swish – Summary Version
  • Swish Pattern Variations
  • Timelines: Eliciting Timelines Exercise, Knowing When to Change Timelines, Changing Timelines, Putting a Change into the Past
  • Shifting The Importance Of Criteria: Making Something More Or Less Important
  • Compulsion Blowout/Threshold Pattern

Section 3: Meta-Programs with Charles Faulkner

Charles has done the most in-depth study of Meta-Programs of anyone in the field. This is a summary of his work, and includes one completely unique element: how to change Meta-Programs. Bandler says you can’t; Faulkner shows you how to do it.

  • Visualizing Meta-Programs
  • Meta-Programs & Strategies
  • Decision Strategy
  • Motivation Strategy
  • Convincer Strategy
  • Meta-Programs The Meta-Programs & Their Distinctions
  • Perceptual Positions & Their Meta-Programs
  • Changing Meta-Programs

Section 4: Beliefs with Adam Reynolds

Adam started working for NLP Comprehensive at 16 and went on to master a number of advanced elements including the Beliefs model. In his easy low key way you’ll get a very thorough understanding of what is meant in NLP by “beliefs”, how to recognize ones that hold you back, and how to change them!

  • What Is A Belief?
  • Forms of Belief
  • Defining Beliefs
  • The NLP Submodality Belief Change Process
  • Conversational Belief Change
  • The Walking Belief Change Process
  • Reimprinting

Section 5: Adv. Language Patterns with Tamara Andreas

Tamara studied extensively with her sister, Connirae, whose “Advanced Language Patterns” audio seminar is one of the perennial best sellers in NLP. Here Tamara presents an updated and extensive course on Language Patterns for every advanced NLP’er

  1. Sleight of Mouth
  • Model of the World
  • Prior Cause, Consequences, Intent
  • Counter-example, Switch Referential Index
  • Redefine, Change Frame
  • Criteria Utilization
  • Meta & Apply to Self
  • Reversing Presuppositions
  • Integration Exercise
  1. Meta Model III
  • Meta Model III Exercise
  • Verb relaxes
  • Backtracking Exercise
  • Changing Time Frame
  • Applying Presuppositional Forms To An Outcome
  • Applying Presuppositional Forms Exercise
  • Comparisons Exercise Possible components to change in a comparison
  • Language Pattern Flow Chart

Section 6: Adv. Strategies with Charles Faulkner

  • G.E.O. – [Goals, Evidence, Operations]
  • The Structure of Strategies
  • The Formal Properties of the T.O.T.E.
  • Strategies, Information Types & Meta-Programs
  • The Principle Decision Strategy Difficulties: Cycle Time / Sampling Interval; Changing Criteria; Criteria & Evidence; Convincer Strategy; Belief Change

Section 7: Self Concept Work with Steve Andreas

Steve Andreas and his wife, Connirae, Co-founded NLP Comprehensive. He was one of the earliest developers of NLP patterns, authored numerous early books in the field, and is one of NLP’s greatest contributors. His most recent complete NLP model is Self-Concept. This is an elegant piece to complete any personal journey of evolution or any training program. Here’s what’s included:

  • Modeling Self-Concept:General Framing, Discovering Your Self-Concept, Process Elements of Self-concept,
  • Changing Your Self-Concept:Sensitivity to Feedback, Aspects of Time Exploring Time, Aspects of Content, Exploring Content
  • Putting it into Practice: Outline of Checklists
  • Discovering the Structure of Counterexample: Integrating Counterexamples, Excluding Counterexamples, Adjusting the Scope of a Quality, Processing and Transforming Counterexample, Grouping Counterexamples and Transforming the Worst, Integrating and Processing Counterexamples
  • Building a New Quality: Transforming an Ambiguous Quality into a Positive One, Transforming a Negative Quality into a Positive One.
  • Boundaries: External Boundaries: Exploration/Discovery External Boundaries. Experimenting With Changes; Internal Boundaries: Exploration/Discovery Internal Boundaries.
  • Experimenting With Changes: Connection and Disconnection, Mapping Across from Disconnection to Connection

So here you have it – the most complete Master Practitioner Training that will come to you, and that you can take with you anywhere!

Here’s what’s included: You will get the full 20 days of advanced training on DVD. You will get fully indexed manual in pdf format. It’s all delivered to you in an easily carried Case Logic ballistic nylon album with a 25 year warranty. The equivalent classroom edition sold for over $2,400. You get all the benefits of that edition in a more economical and portable package now at the “Unedited Special” Price of just $1,499

And You Have The Security Of The

NLP Comprehensive 100% Guarantee

 The policy on all the products we sell in our company, this course carries an unconditional, money-back guarantee, and an even stronger one than usual. Your 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is Good for 100 Days – 3 months plus 10.

If this package is not everything we have said, and you are not in fact overly satisfied, you will receive every cent of your money back, no questions asked.

Our guarantee is good for 100 days, 3 months and a little extra , so you can relax with plenty of time to explore the course and make up your mind.  We have been in business over 30 years so you can rely on our guarantee!

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A n I n t r o d u c t i o n t o Advanced Strategies

G.E.O. – [Goals, Evidence, Operations]

The Structure of Strategies The Formal Properties of the T.O.T.E.

Strategies, Information Types & Meta-Programs

The Six Principle Decision Strategy Difficulties

Cycle Time / Sampling Interval

Changing Criteria

Criteria & Evidence

Convincer Strategy Belief Change


  1. Hi Tom,

    I have recently completed my Practitioner Training here in Canada. It consisted of 18 days of training.

    I am looking for a Master Certification Training that will take me deeper into NLP. The programs I have looked at in Canada consist of going back through the practitioner program but looking at them from a different perspective. As you have been involved in NLP for many years what is your view on this?

    I must admit I am curious about your portable training program, what is involved in the certification process on completion of the course.

    Kind regards,

    Tricia Eagle

    • Hi Tricia,
      Sorry for the long delay. We had some software issues (sigh). Anyway I’m surprised at your description of the Master Practitioner programs in your area. Certainly the ones we offer are not a repeat. For that we recommend volunteering as an assistant at a Practitioner program. Our Master Practitioner content is entirely different from our Practitioner. Just compare the table of contents listings on our Portable Prac and Master TOC and you’ll see what I mean. With your experience you could probably benefit greatly.
      PS: Tremendous sale going today on both

  2. Hey guys!
    I’ve seen a TON of demos by Steve.

    He’s the main reason I’m thinking ’bout investing in this course.

    1. Is there a place to watch the others in action? LIVE demos?
    2. I have patients. If I buy this program, do I get some kind of supervision/support? Can I ask specific questions about difficult cases I have etc?

    Thanks in advance.
    Steve, you are freakin’ awesome dude.

    Keep it up!

    • Hi Adam,
      If you mean you want to watch Steve do demos in person, the only way is to come to a training in Boulder. Steve has a couple listed in our coming events on
      If you mean to watch demos on video, there are a ton on the Master Practitioner. It’s our standard that every process includes a full demonstration and debrief.
      We also have a series of specific application videos by Steve and his wife Connirae. Just go here: and scroll through the selections.

  3. Hi Bobby,

    Certainly yes, you want to go through the Practitioner DVDs first. The Practitioner program is very sequentially designed itself, and designed to precede the Master. Likewise the Master presumes a good knowledge of all the full curriculum in our Practitioner training.

    This is not to say someone couldn’t benefit from just watching the Master DVDs. The trainers are very good and work on multiple levels. The demonstrations alone can be quite amazing and enlightening even to people who don’t know anything about NLP.

    In my prior comment on the Practitioner program I mentioned the value of finding a couple of friends to study and practice with. This is probably the biggest factor in how soon you can really get the most benefit from continuing right on into the Master material.

    Your own learning style may be the most important element to consider in how soon to move into the Master material. For a lot of people a ‘breather’ between the two programs is the best method. For others the excitement of going right through in one steady stream is best.
    This is a call where your self knowledge makes you the expert on which is best for you.

    So whether you choose one or both now, one thing is for sure: the diligence you are demonstrating will really pay off for you. 🙂

    Best regards,
    Tom Dotz

  4. I am a complete neophyte to NLP and may purchase the Portable Practitioner DVDs.

    Is there value in first going through the Portable Practitioner DVDs and then immediately going through the Master Practitioner DVDs? Is there a better way to learn this material?

    Both sets of DVDs together seem a organized, well-thought, comprehensive immersion in NLP, rather than dabbling in several different unrelated non-unified NLP books. But I would like input from the experienced trainers, before I start doing things “my way”.

    Appreciate the feedback. Thanks!

  5. I just wanted to let you know I finished the Practitioner …Just getting started on the Master Practitioner. Wow. It is amazing.
    One friend who started getting together with us back when we were studying the rapport material had to drop out because he was in EMT School. Now he is ready to for us to pick up where he left off. It seems he has started practicing some of the material and is surprised by the results.
    He is surprised, I’m not. I’ve been studying NLP for a while, and he is new to it. It is an amazing body of knowledge. And it’s great having the videos so we can go back through them. It’s like Connierae Andreas said on the beginning of some of the other videos, repeated viewing will reveal multiple levels of communication.
    Have a wonderful day.

    Randall K. Holmes

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