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Submodalities in communication

How your preferred submodality impacts communication

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One of the most valuable lessons I learned from my mom and step-dad – everyone processes at different speeds. You see, my mom was a very quick thinker with a wicked sense of humor. My step-dad, brilliant in his own right, was a much slower thinking, processing everything before responding. Unfortunately for my mother, that often meant going days without getting an answer or input on something. My mom, as a quick thinker, was also not always long on patience!…

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How do metaphors show up for you?

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Metaphors are a valuable tool that can help us uncover blocks we didn’t know existed. Read below as Steve Andreas shares an experience where metaphors were particularly useful. (Originally published on What do You Experience When Someone Breaks an Agreement? by Steve Andreas Recently I was exasperated by someone who didn’t keep what I thought was an agreement between us. But “Exasperation” doesn’t fully express the intensity of the confusion and disorientation I felt when that happened, so I…

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choose your theme

What is your theme this year?

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We’ve all heard about it.  We may have even been asked.   “What is your theme for 2017?” Now, maybe someone calls it “your word” or some other phrase, but the idea is the same.  A word or phrase that sums up what you would like your intention to be for the upcoming year. It’s sort of like making resolutions, but on a broader scale.  Rather than listing out goals or resolutions for the year, choosing a theme or word…

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Holiday Stress Management

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Holiday get togethers can be a challenge.  As we prepare for the holidays we are often anticipating family, friends, food and finances.  It’s funny. The time of year that is portrayed as the most peaceful and cohesive often involves the most stress and struggle. Whether it’s stress from tense relationships, worry about unmet expectations, financial pressures that are tough to ignore or health concerns due to food and treats…the stress that the holidays can bring is undeniable. One very, very…

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What hidden beliefs do you have?

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Want to know how NLP can help you Live Your Limitless Life? Click here to schedule your FREE, one-on-one NLP Discovery Session with Tracy! Have you ever had that moment when you say something with very little purpose, just part of a story, and all of a sudden it hits you…a hidden limiting belief you have and when you got it?  Something you had no idea you ever believed, you never consciously thought about it, but when you heard yourself…

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Quieting the Inner Voice and Enjoying the Day

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Are you enjoying the season? Recently I’ve seen a lot of posts on social media reminding people that the seasons don’t change until September 22. It seems, as is human nature, people are rushing the next change! We seem to want to grow up when we’re young, can’t wait for the holidays, or a vacation, or the summer months…whatever it is, human nature seems to be to rush things. I, for one, try very hard to enjoy every day for…

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Excellence and the Olympics

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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about motivation and excellence. I’m not sure if that’s because my youngest recently graduated from high school so her future is on my mind a lot, if it has to do with the Olympics, or if it’s just a theme for me right now. Whatever the reason, it’s definitely been front of mind lately! The Olympics were on in my house an awful lot while they were taking place. I have some sports fans…

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10 Practical Uses for NLP

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NLP is an incredibly powerful tool that will allow you to make broad reaching changes in your life. One of the most common questions I am asked is “How can NLP help me in my life?” While I could go on and on about the areas of my life and changes NLP has allowed me to make I thought it might be helpful to write this up in an easier format. What I do want to point out is that…

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Communication is Redundant

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This week I thought we would explore an important NLP presupposition…Communication is Redundant.This may be a bit confusing, but as we examine it a bit closer it is likely something you are already familiar with. We are always communicating. In fact, it’s impossible to NOT communicate. Whether verbally or nonverbally we are always communicating something to those around us. We are always communicating with ourselves, through our thoughts. The very essence of being human requires that we attach meaning to…

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Anything you can do I can do better…

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Happy Tuesday!  Weather is warming up a bit here, at least for a little while, and I have been busy baking and enjoying Autumn smells.  My home is filled with smells of apple and pumpkin and I am enjoying getting to read by the fire.  I’m sure by mid-January I will be ready for warmer weather, but for now I am loving spending more time indoors, eating soup and reading books. This week I’ve had occasion to give a lot…

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