Creating V4

Four Ways To Almost Instant State Change

In this article you’ll meet another NLP trainer and developer, Kevin Creedon. Kevin is based in New York where he has been training NLP and working extensively with HIV/AIDS patients. Out of that work he has created some very interesting processes. In this email he outlines for you three short and sweet processes you can apply all by yourself, almost…

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Overcoming Overwhelm

Here is another look at managing the over-abundance of stimulus we sometimes experience. Our estimable founder Steve Andreas describes two main sources, and several ways of dealing with them. In addition to being more relaxed and confident in your ability to handle what life is giving you, Steve also describes how to have a better ability to focus on your…

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How to Beat Overload

Most of us feel that experience we call ‘overwhelm’ at one time or another, and more so as life seems to keep moving at a faster pace. Here’s a look at how to manage those experiences and have a little more energy for your self. It’s a little play with submodalities, the “molcules of meaning” in our imagination. Nice. Oh,…

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Where are your limits?

“People respond to their own model of the world/map of reality, not to reality itself. (The map is not the territory.)” This is perhaps the fundamental statement on which all of the rest of NLP is based. It’s our internal reality, self-created, that determines our world. Yes, we all walk on the same planet. But what we are aware of…

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NLP Essentials: The Outcome Frame

New NLP Weight Loss Program – And Just In Time! ;-)

NLP graduate Renée Stevens has really hit a home run with a new book about  her unique weight loss program. René created an amazing program based on her own experiences and use of NLP to transform her body issues. Here’s what Amazon has to say about her book “Full-Filled: The 6-Week Weight-Loss Plan for Changing Your Relationship with Food-and Your…

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How Words Can Save Lives

This is a passionate and moving story of courage and the influence of language. It’s a clear example of the power of stepping into someone else’s world to communicate effectively. You’ll also note the power of the NLP model of pacing and leading as she used it. Her response was the opposite of the classic instructions in such situations. You…

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The Sound of Fear, Pt II: Relief

Always popular, stress and anxiety are especially common here in the US during our approaching holiday season. The Thanksgiving holiday is intended to be a time of gratitude, of sharing and appreciation. Yet it is also the busiest travel and shopping week of the year. That combination is rich in opportunities for anxiety, stress, and other unpopular feelings. So your…

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What Stops You: The Sound of Fear

What stops you in life? If not a lack of actual physical resources, it’s usually negative emotions, usually fear. Learning to rapidly recognize when that is the case can save a lot of wasted time and effort solving non-existent problems. Here’s a story that will help you with this special kind of sensory awareness.

Tom Hoobyar has left the building

“Tom Hoobyar has left the building” A few years ago Tom Hoobyar was the regular writer of this newsletter. His stories and examples of using NLP in real life, not just in therapy sessions, were warmly received. Then his business took him in a different direction. His last official newsletter had that title. Now he has truly “left the building.”…

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