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What Is NLP, and What Can It Do For Me?

There are many qualities and talents that heroes, exceptional people, share.

Perhaps what most sets them apart is the ability to persevere brilliantly
in the face of the obstacles and challenges that naturally arise for all of us.
It is a mind set that exceptional people have in common.

How is this kind of perseverance different from just plain stubbornness?

Stubbornness is doing the same thing and expecting a different result.
People who are exceptional are flexible and resilient in pursuit of their goals.
They don’t take obstacles personally, when Plan A doesn’t work,
they just incorporate the feedback and move on to Plan B – or C, or D.

They have the mental flexibility to shift with what happens
and leverage it in pursuit of their outcomes.

We all experience disappointments and frustrations.
The only question is how long you let them distract you from your purpose, your desires.

People who excel, who thrive, don’t let the slings and arrows get them down for long.
They’re not naive Pollyannas, in fact they’re highly realistic. They just mark the event and move on.
They don’t carry it with them, they leave it behind.
(This may be why they are usually also having a lot of fun in life.)

They naturally develop, or deliberately train themselves to have, key skills you know as
Greater Influence
Stronger Rapport
Accelerated Learning
Negotiating What You Want
Attaining Greater Satisfaction
Dealing With Difficult People and Situations
Dropping Old Habits – and Building the New Ones You Want

 Learning to apply NLP yourself, you can build these skills, and more.
The reason NLP can help you with all these essential life skills is quite simple.
The developers of NLP studied the mental models of exceptional people to extract how and what they did to achieve exceptional results in the face of obstacles far greater than those we face.

What you’ll find here are the key foundations for putting these learnings to use in your life. Doing this is easier than you may think. A little imagination and application will produce results that will surprise and delight you.

It’s like learning how to create software, only a lot easier, because the coding system is natural.
It’s based on our natural language and our senses, our natural experience.
Once you learn to “code” your own mind, you can code it for lots of situations.

It’s like learning to swim. When you know how to swim, you can swim in any body of water. And learning to use NLP is a lot easier than coding a computer or learning to swim.

Because it’s simply becoming aware of the coding your mind has already been using every day of your life, it’s completely natural. You get to have lots of “ah ha’s” because it’s so familiar and natural. And then you can choose to rearrange it to suit you better.

“Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a powerful system of thinking that can accelerate the achievement of your personal and professional goals …Some of my favorite trainers are…Steve Andreas and the folks at NLP Comprehensive in Colorado.” — Jack Canfield, The Success Principles, p 448What is

While learning how to apply NLP  you start to recognize how you think, how you develop desires, goals and fears, how you motivate yourself (or don’t!), the source of your self confidence and lack of it, how to make stronger connections, and how to make your life more meaningful.

NLP is like the ‘user’s manual’ for the mind, and empowers us to use the language of the mind to more consistently achieve our desired outcomes.

NLP Home Study Guide: To make it easy to experience the value NLP can have for you, we’ve created a unique “you-don’t-need-a-training,” start-enjoying-now, online learning program. This is precisely for people starting out, to give an experience and understanding of the value NLP has for you.

It’s a series of experiences, little lessons in bite size chunks. It’s an NLP Exclusive that was created by original developers of NLP Leslie Cameron Bandler and David Gordon, and Michael LeBeau.

This Exclusive Program puts the power of NLP in your life NOW. It’s an online multimedia program with video, audio, text, and experiments you do yourself, in the privacy of your own mind. This could be your next step to a lifetime that is continually improving.

We’ve worked to make this as accessible as possible for you, because the best way to know is to do.

This special offer is available for you now. Online access (and follow up and support, as much as you want) is usually $24.95 a month or $249.50 a year.

Take action now, and you can have you choice of either
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and we won’t even bill you for fourteen days.

That’s right, You can “Test Drive” It For Free For Two Weeks At Our Expense.

Either way, You can use the whole program for free, as often as you want, for fourteen days.
Then it’s your choice to keep it, and keep building on your accomplishments, or let it go.

Just Click Your Choice:
LIghtbulb2$19.95 A Month Unlimited


LIghtbulb2$74.95 One Time For Six Months Access

With us it’s your choice, 100%. You can cancel at any time, before or after paying anything.

Here’s an outline of what you’ll get:

In this Personal Evolution program you get these Top Ten NLP Processes:

LeslieChatting*Improving your communication: With yourself and others

*Finding and Knowing What Your Dreams and Desires Really mean to you, and how better to have them.

*Getting Grounded, Getting Real: know how and when people really mean what they are saying. Sorting out what is really important to you from the “shoulds” imposed on you without your awareness or choice.

*Reading REAL body language. Hint: it’s NOT “arms crossed means X” That just breeds hallucinations which results in misunderstanding, confusion, lost opportunity.

*Language that reveals – you, and the other guy. Sensory based language reveals how you do your thinking. The way you sequence (order) your experience. Did you know that just by changing that order, you can change your experience – your feelings, attitude, and confidence.

*The eyes have it: Another way to tell – the (in)famous ‘eye accessing cues’. If not window to the soul, the eyes are, at least, a window to the mind. Here’s how to use them correctly, instead of the mass misconceptions you’ll find all over the internet (hint: using for lie detection is totally bogus).

*An old song triggers a memory, a feeling, maybe a feeling about the feeling. Suddenly your mood and even your self image changes. How about setting up ‘anchors’ that are strong enough to resist that random interference, the “noise” on some random playlist someone else may have chosen?

*Establishing Lasting Resource Strategies: Ways to stop feeling overwhelmed, or intimidated or unsure, and instead have the responses you want at your command.

*Creating Good Habits: Your Hi-Efficiency lazy man’s way to self improvement. Everyone talks about eliminating bad habits. First, it’s hard to tell when you really have stopped. People have stopped a habit for twenty years, then found themselves doing it again. It’s easier and more fun to replace them with more and better ones. It makes an immediate difference you can see and feel and congratulate yourself for having.

*Good Decisions, Good choices, and Reframing: Your Go-To solution for conflict, indecision, and chronic frustration.

“Tom, thank you so much!! I have been learning so much for the last couple of days or so!” – Lena Batyuk, PwC | HR Manager

These Ten Powerful interventions have been selected, arranged and organized for your rapid access.

Again, the Fundamentals of NLP ONLINE gives you this essential NLP toolkit. Your skills include:

  • In any interaction knowing exactly what’s worth paying attention to and what’s not
  • Know how to make yourself understood to those who perceive the world differently than you do.
  • Know what to do to turn a bad situation around to a useful direction.
  • Have your own abilities and knowledge available when you most need or want them.
  • Have a strategy to acquire desirable behaviors from your chosen role models.
  • Have a means to resolve internal conflict and generate behaviors which satisfy your personal intentions.

What’s covered? In NLP Terms, the Guide includes:

  • The Outcome Frame: Knowing What You Want, and that it’s worth having
  • Using Sensory Based Language: Cutting Through Bullshit like an acetylene torch
  • Calibration Skills to Non-verbal Communication: Reading real body language
  • Predicates Usage: Language skills for influence
  • Observing Accessing Cues And the techniques of
  • A Resource Strategy
  • New Behavior Generator
  • And The Reframing Model!

All of which is easier to use and available anytime, anywhere you have an internet connection. This gives you more ways to explore and enjoy this material. Here are some samples:


The left column is your index. You can move through the program by clicking on any of the titles. Within each section you can navigate topic by topic on the left, or page by page using the tabs at the bottom of each page of text.

Through this online experience you get the classic Fundamentals Of NLP right now, at your convenience, on your terms, where and when you choose. You’ll experience ‘sitting in the back of the room’ – a ‘fly on the wall’ – while Leslie Cameron Bandler, one of the original NLP masters, does some of her most profound magic with clients, all for your benefit. In fact, highly experienced NLP graduates have purchased this program just to experience first-hand Leslie’s work with clients – her unique skill, attitude, and loving approach. Before her retirement, Leslie was one of the most sought after NLP leaders world-wide. Now this is the only way to benefit from experiencing her grace and mastery of presence. You’ll enjoy NLP in the convenience of your own home, at your own pace. You’ll discover ways to solve internal conflict, stay resourceful under pressure, understand different learning styles, and more.  Here’s what having this unique resource will do for you, in the creators’ own words. From the Introduction:

People misunderstand one another and, as a result, there are losses. Miscommunication loses money in the workplace. Miscommunication in the school costs many children their futures, which is the future of us all. Miscommunication with our families and friends costs us love and fulfillment.
All of these losses are unnecessary. Most could be avoided if only we were able to communicate effectively. With the communication skills and self-change techniques presented in this home study program you can stop those losses and create the kind of understanding that capitalizes on your potential for productivity, learning, and loving.
We began our professional lives as therapists. Trained and licensed, we believed that it was possible to provide people with what they wanted and needed. That was our job, and we cared passionately that those we worked with left more capable and fulfilled than when they arrived.
It became quickly and frustratingly evident, however, that nothing in traditional psychotherapy adequately addressed the need for effective procedures for change.
Instead, the overwhelming emphasis was on tracing the origin of problems — the diagnosis of dysfunction. Finding a label and an historical cause for a problem did nothing to solve it. Clients were left with reasons for their limitations, but with no skills to overcome them.
Working with Richard Bandler and John Grinder, we changed that, helping to develop a new approach to fulfilling human potential — Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). NLP is revolutionizing the practice of psychotherapy by shifting the emphasis away from the tedious search for historical causes and the diagnosis of dysfunction.
NLP recognizes that problems are by-products of existing mental and emotional behaviors. This new approach provides processes that identify which specific mental and emotional behaviors hold a problem in place. As co-developers of NLP we created therapeutic procedures that quickly change those specific behaviors to ones that replace a person’s problems and pain with resources and fulfillment.
You know how people sometimes get caught with their resources down. Maybe it’s an overwhelming situation that leaves them at a loss to respond adequately. Or perhaps they are called upon to learn or perform an activity they think is totally beyond their capabilities.
(Here) you will acquire the tools that give you access to your resources, tools that can make you into an extraordinary learner/ performer in areas that you may have previously felt were beyond your grasp. The contents of this program take areas of your experience that have been beyond your choice and control and puts you in charge.
You will see and hear significant elements of people’s communications that you were blind and deaf to before. You will also gain access to your own resources and retain that access so you can have what you want of yourself when you want it.
By the conclusion of this home study program, you will have learned the fundamental and essential perceptual distinctions, change procedures, and learning strategies of NLP. You have the opportunity to go as fast or as slow as it suits you to go. The sequence of the techniques has been purposefully designed to build from one NLP competency to the next.
We encourage you to take advantage of that sequencing by watching the video and by doing the exercises…(and) remember that competency comes with practice. We hope you will create many opportunities for yourself to practice each of the skills and techniques presented here.
We know that you will reap many benefits for the rest of your life from this material, and we are happy to have played a part in bringing you some of the benefits of NLP.

Leslie Cameron-Bandler is one of the few women who have been responsible for the creation of a new discipline. An internationally-known therapist, author, trainer and co-developer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Leslie has helped thousands of people learn how to achieve richer lives and more fulfilling relationships. This program is the result of her desire to make available the step-by-step techniques she knows will work quickly and effectively for anyone.

What people say about Leslie: “In the course of my career I’ve seen more of the finest NLP trainers than just about anyone. Even in that select group, Leslie is a standout. Her elegance, grace, and clarity make watching and learning from her truly a pleasure.” Tom Dotz, President, NLP Comprehensive
“One could hardly ask for a better demonstration of NLP’s potential power..(than) the effectiveness of Cameron-Bandler’s presentation.” -Sex Information & Education Council of the US
“…I should have dedicated my book “7 Steps to Emotional Intelligence” to Leslie…one of the co-founders of NLP.” Patrick E.C. Merlevede, MSc, author “7 Steps To Emotional Intelligence”

Remember, this special offer is available for you now.
Online access (and follow up and support, as much as you want) is usually $24.95 a month or $249.50 a year.

Take action now, and you can have you choice of either
$19.95 a month, or $74.95 for six months,
and we won’t even bill you for fourteen days.

That’s right, You can “Test Drive” It For Free For Two Weeks At Our Expense.

Either way, You can use the whole program for free, as often as you want, for fourteen days.
Then it’s your choice to keep it, and keep building on your accomplishments, or let it go.

Just Click Your Choice: $19.95 A Month Unlimited


$74.95 One Time For Six Months Access

With us it’s your choice, 100%. You can cancel at any time, before or after paying anything.


AND REMEMBER: You can click the big green “Cancel” button and cancel at any time, no penalty, no obligations, no hard feelings!


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